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Areas of Expertise

Holistic Life Coaching

I am a certified holistic life coach from the Holistic Life Coach Training Institute. Coaching is a supportive and collaborative process focused on self-actualization and personal growth in order to achieve one's goals and dreams. Unlike therapy, coaching focuses on the present situation to identify and shift limiting beliefs, shift perspectives, uncover patterns that may be holding one back, and create a plan to achieving goals. Research shows that coaching can lead to better awareness, wellbeing, clarity, sense of purpose, confidence, resilience, and communication skills (BetterUp 2023). 

Human Design

In October 2023, I was certified as a Level 3 Quantum Human Design practitioner. My training by Karen Curry Parker taught me this powerful self-knowledge tool which combines modern science and ancient wisdom. Dr. Parker's approach uses empowering language to highlight one's unique strengths, gifts, energies, and purpose. Human Design also helps people identify strategies to live a life with greater harmony, purpose, and ease. 


In August 2022, I was certified as a reiki master in the Usui tradition. My training in reiki. Reiki has been transformational in my ability to be present, connect with my intuition, reset and balance my energy, and strengthen my connection to the Universe.


In March 2022, I was trained in a healing modality called havening. Havening is a powerful process to rewrite traumatic patterns in the brain and heal your nervous system so that you can live from a responsive and not reactive state.

My Approach

I believe that lasting transformation comes from a holistic approach, integrating mind, body, and spirit. A such, we will partner to understand how each of these parts influence your current situation and how to design your life to fully nurture all of yourself in a holistic and sustainable way.

i believe that society isn't always structured to support our inner essence and needs but we don't need to compromise who we are. We don't have to keep people pleasing and putting our desires aside. Together, we can explore strategies to honor our needs and energies. 


I believe that we are designed to shine our light in the world and share our unique gifts and strengths. The world needs all of us, just as we were made to be. We will partner to rediscover, honor, and celebrate these gifts.

I believe we all have old stories that we are telling ourselves, even if we are not aware of it. Many of these old stories used to serve us in childhood- to protect us, to keep us safe, to help us seek and receive attention and love. However, many stories no longer serve us and are not needed to support us in living an authentic life. Together, we will explore ways to shift your narrative and rewrite stories that feel empowering and inspiring so you can live with courage, fun, and curiosity. 

I use a holistic approach that integrates life coaching and human design to help my clients achieve their goals and live a more fulfilling life. I help clients identify and overcome limiting beliefs, cultivate self-love and acceptance, and create a life that aligns with their true selves. I believe that YOU have the answers within you and I will strive to help you realize this and connect deeply to your intuition- not to look elsewhere for the answers. 

My Approach
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